God of Peace

church 1

For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints. 1 Corinthians 14:33

Is there really peace in all churches of the saints? Yes, if Jesus is there and no, if His people are not at peace.  The church should should be a meeting place for fellowship and to hear the gospel of peace, the good news.  Many times that is lost on a congregation that long been taught condemnation.  There are those who have ears but refuse to hear.  Many are disheartened and offended at fellow Christians or ministers. The enemy’s plan has always been division.  It happens in divorce, families, and churches.

People are easily offended and if it is not dealt with, it festers into something the enemy can use to steal your peace. You do not and probably will not like everybody, but His commandment is love.  It is very hard to love people who are unkind, disparaging and offensive.  I found it hard to be bubbly and effusive myself, dealing with others and working out my own salvation.  When I was hurt, I hated to see people happy. Not that I didn’t want them to be, but why wasn’t I?  I had prayed.  It really takes a peace and rest that I’d never known to be delivered of that.

There was particular girl that I could just see, being a wounded soul, and just passing judgement. I would call her Miss Perky, Perky, Perky.  Not to her face, I didn’t know her personally. In fact, I might have liked her. She just struck a nerve. Later, I found out her fiancee, had been murdered. She moved away. Now, I felt mean spirited, though I really wasn’t.  I never meant to be mean.  She was young, beautiful, had a career and now tragedy. It can happen to anyone, you never know what the other person has been through.  I’ve grown out of that insecurity, now I can say I’m happy to you see you happy, good for you. I’ll never hide again with a “Why Me?” attitude. Now, all I think is why He would have chosen to love and bless me so.  I’m glad He did. It is perception and deception that we must discern.

I told my mother recently that I was ashamed of my family, as much as we were blessed to have gone through some of the trials we had had.  Many, not of our own choosing, but many that were brought about by the tips of our tongues. The Word was on it, it was in us and still we couldn’t find a kind word for one another.  We were too wrapped up in our own little trappings of the enemy’s accusations and lies.  The powerful Word of God, our testimony and the blood of the Lamb would have made us overcomers. It is the only thing that will.

When we are not at peace with God, and He is not being our peace, how will we have peace in church?  There is loud and lively music which has brought in the youth and driven the old away in some cases. It can be joyful and lively without the rock concert atmosphere, and the words to old hymns are precious.

It is so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take Him at His word. Just to rest upon His promise, just to know His healing power…let us come together in a unity that brings peace.  He is the author of peace and not confusion.  We shouldn’t be confused! Love is not confusing! Anything less, is not God…His peace reigns in rest, pure praise and worship.


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