Where Is My Peace?

wi h

Where is He? My Peace?

Is He far away or near me as I pray?

Can He hear me? The one so dear to me, the precious Lord.

What more can I say?

I look for kindness in His words, His voice.

To love like that, that is my choice.

I look for gentleness, it’s His heart He speaks from.

I become softness in His arms.

The Prince of Peace has come,

Warm tears rolling from my cheeks.

He insists I look into His eyes,

I shudder, in a tender embrace.

Dare I look at Jesus, face to face?

But when I look up slowly,

It should be no surprise.

That there is only love and care for me.

And not just a fire in His eyes.

That fiery love of sacrifice was my gain,

Though, His loss and pain..

I see deeply into eyes of love.

Love that saw me, a soul, that was broken.

By His wounds, healed and restored.

His love, and His broken heart.

What loving words, the Lord has spoken.

To take. someone like, me and break her free!

To take someone like me, make her, create her to be,

The beauty of His very own heart.

Nothing keeps that kind of love apart.

So while I was restless, searching,

In church and out, all the worry I was doing.

My Prince of Peace was right there.

I was so blessed, and my love, He was pursuing.

That’s all He wants is for love to join us.

His Spirit, like the dove, to pour upon us.

Where is my peace? He’s right where He should be.

Where is my Prince of Peace? He’s right here with me.


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