He Speaks Peace


Peace is in His voice, His Word.

Peace is for our heart, from His heart.

Peace is His Kingdom, His Kingdom,

He wanted it, from the start to, reign in me.

But I was running alone, and hurried.

Always tired, always worried.

My heart and soul was weighted down.

Like a  proverbial millstone.

I was often lonely and afraid.

Waiting on my life to bud, to blossom, to bloom.

But my heart was so full, never giving Him room.

I was aware, that I should cast on Him, my care.

On my knees at night, and during the day,

I sought Him in prayer.

The Prince of Peace,  I was befriending.

His love is unending.

He sees His work as done.

For the Father sent the Son,

Our holy sacrifice, He met all the demands.

No wonder, gave everything into His hands.

His grace and peace are free to receive.

I made my choice to believe.

Peace, peace, He speaks to my heart, be still.

And if waves and ill winds come.

Now, I always will.

The Prince of Peace, the Son of God.

Perfect love abiding, He does as He pleases.

Now my anxious heart is filled with Spirit,

Gentle, flowing, heavenly breezes.


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