Inviting the Prince of Peace

You are invited by the Prince of Peace,

To be His friend, attend the wedding feast, sit with the Great I Am.

You are invited, as His guest, to reign with Him on high.

To be  with Him, rejoicing, at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

You are invited to spend eternity without tears, to cry.

No more pain or sorrow, no counting of the years.

No night, for the Prince of Peace is the light,

And you are His, you’re His joy and His delight.

What a gracious host, the Beloved Bridegroom,

Coming for the  pure and lovely bride, He stands beside.

Angels are working preparing each portion, every meal.

Waiting to see each broken heart mend, every body heal.

They rehearse the wedding music, it spills into a heavenly hall.

The Lamb will soon open the scroll and seal.

He is coming soon, still, some have unbelief, though He would take us all.

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb is come,

You are personally and preciously, invited.

If you accept, the Prince of Peace, Himself, will truly, truly, be delighted.

Rebecca Jones

This is consistently one of my top posts even from five years ago. I could not find an artist for the painting.  I believe it may be public domain. More poetry on my Pinterest board, My Poetry and Writer’s and Roses.

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