The Peace He Gives


I recommend reading Isaiah 54 in full and in context. As love and peace replaces fear it is important to realize that we must believe and profess our righteousness, it is a gift from God. This is a conditional promise for believers, but it does require faith and a stand that you are righteous through, Jesus. The devil’s deception requires a misunderstanding of God’s Word.  He enjoys sending fear, terror and torment and is intent on convincing us there’s nothing we can do. The chapter appears be saying that He made the waster, the devil, to destroy.  Perhaps, who destroys would have been a better choice of words. God loved us and never intended the devil to rule but Adam’s sin gave him the authority. Jesus gave it back to us. Luke 10:19  God, by His own oath will not go against our free will, thus He allows people to decide.  He is still our shield against the enemy.  Though Mark 16:17 lists signs and wonders that follow believers, He gives the gift of tongues, doesn’t expect you to drink poison, but rather discern doctrine.  The serpents are spirits and you tread over them only with the Holy Spirit. And surely, He would love for believers to raise the dead, but in order to these miraculous things. We have to die to the flesh, know who we are in Christ. Recognize that without Him we can do nothing. Peace will come, healing will come, miracles can happen. You can trust the Prince of Peace. He is the only one who can guide you into the perfect peace He wants you to have. He loves you.


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