The Child Prince of Peace


Isn’t He beautiful?  We’ve all seen Him as a babe in a manger, on the cross, risen and ascending. Some paintings, with all due respect to the artists, make Him appear weak, sickly and even scrawny.   You could actually include pitiful.  And He was!  Taking for us all the sin and shame and everything else He bore for us made Him pitiful. He was ( and is, in a sense ) a man or sorrows, acquainted with grief in ever way.  It takes us back to Isaiah 53. Yet, He was powerful!  More powerful than any man! He could not have endured that torture without being the true Son of God!  The very idea that the Lord Himself would love us so to put into the a virtuous woman, His seed, to be born into such a terrible time in history and know full well the death He would die to save me, I cannot begin to fathom that love.

The fact that He has replaced fear and loneliness with love and is working on my peace is so amazing. What an awesome God we serve.  He is joy! He is love! He is holy! And He would trade places with us, while enduring the cross, we were His thoughts. Every lash that slashed His back open, He was thinking about the coming believers He would save!

Many of the more recent artists have captured His beauty, the beauty He had none of in Isaiah 53.  There, I might disagree, no matter how torn or bloody His flesh, now matter how disfigured, no matter the darkness that enveloped Him.  He was so beautiful to endure that for me.  I have many of my favorite paintings posted.  I used to think He was some sort of Superman and the lashes and pain bounced off Him. Nothing could be further from the truth, He was all God, but all man and He suffered physically and mentally,emotionally. That’s why He can understand us.

I love to see Jesus as an ordinary, yet extraordinary man.  He will walk with you, talk to you, laugh and cry with you. He’s your best friend, He covers us with love as a husband/wife until you find the right one, or the spouse you have comes to Him, He’s your business partner, life coach, physician and attorney.  He’ll even help you with your finances.  He was pitiful/powerful! He was velvet/steel, strong, yet gentle.  Kind and compassionate, He died for us, forgives us, saves us.  He heals us, helps us, loves us.

Whether you paint Him as a babe in a manger, a beautiful child like this, enduring the cross, or raised from the dead. Though He was of Jewish descent, with a slightly olive complexion, a not the blue eyes on my other post, however you see Him, as your nationality or race.  I don’t think He’ll mind as long as you respect His sacrifice, and love Him.  Now arrayed in white, seated with His Father. That bloodied, bruised and beaten body that loved more than anyone, isn’t He beautiful?


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