Restoring the Bride


I’m impressed by the Holy Spirit today to pray for the restoration of the church, His beloved bride. I believe that the focus of Christians should be on Christ and not on the ” worldly ” events. He seeks to pour out His Spirit and empower believer to make a difference, when others see His glory, they will look to Him. Only by His love will things change for the better.  In the parable of the sower Mark 4, Jesus explains how we lose our ” words “, His Word.  This eluded me the longest because I thought I was good ground. The truth, I was losing ground every day and in all kinds of ways. Persecution?  Not like in other countries, the fact that we are serving Him and there are those that ridicule, that our persecution.  Afflictions, sickness and disease comes from the enemy, Jesus bore that as well as mental oppression in Isaiah 53, but because of a lack of knowledge the church is perishing. And in truth, this is a form of persecution, when the church is racked with it.  I never tell people not to take medicine, but America is way over medicated. And how many of those pills end up on the street?  Those of us believing in Him as Lord should not let the enemy deceive us so easily, myself included.  Jesus is our Healer, He told the leper, I am willing.

Cares of the world is a big one.  We are exhausted and overwrought as a nation.  People suffer from fibromyalgia, depression, and a host of ailments. One report I read suggests that today’s children have more stress than the average mental patient of 1950.  And though some would question that God being taken out of school as the cause, it has it’s truth. Parenting and family values play a part in that. Television? You could let your children watch then. The quality has gone way down. The movies? The same is true.  Saturday matinees and a couple of shoot’em ups were normal and everybody had guns and there weren’t horrible massacres everyday. The lust for other things, if we don’t have time for Jesus, we are too busy.  And why wouldn’t we want to be with one that loves us so?  Deceitfulness of riches, God will promote and prosper you, He will not leave you a widow or an orphan.  He’s not moved by false humility or vows of poverty that were unheard of in early church history.  He also doesn’t want us to be selfish and greedy or put money above Him. And don’t be deceived that a minister who teaches health and prosperity or grace is automatically an apostate. Study and rightly divide that word and let the Holy Spirit guide you.  You will find rest and peace.  If you are not on good ground, the thief kills, steals and destroys. John 10:10 Words can hurt, they can even kill…anger, fear, bitterness, leave a terrible taste in our mouths and our bodies suffer. We should praise, worship…love.

The bride of Christ, the Church, should be loving, caring, a compassionate and lovely reflection of the beloved Bridegoom, full of joy and peace. Brimming with health, prospering in all ways.  Effervescent and overflowing with the love of God. Peaceful people, principled people, disciplined and skilled in sharing the Word.

We have to renew our minds in Him, daily, hourly if necessary…taking captive every thought and bringing down imaginations that exalt themselves about the knowledge of the Son of God. We as society weren’t so desensitized to killing, and other immorality. Women need to rest, children need to rest, men need to rest.  Turn of the phones and computers get some sleep and fresh air. Lest anyone accuses me of longing for the olden days the Bible warns against that.  These are the best times because the Lord is coming, let’s be ready…let;s be ready for Him a pure and spotless bride. Let’s focus on Jesus, our Prince of Peace. He loves us and paid the price for us. Rebecca Jones

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