Golden Dove of Peace

dove (2)

May the Holy Spirit descend on us with His golden shekinah glory..

May wings of love, in wind or Spirit, remind us of His story..

The many miracles and works of Jesus, how He healed the oppressed.

And the many more, He has in store, for believers to be blessed.

May we see His true beauty and His perfect love. His face.

And in the gentle breezes of His amazing grace, remain.

Never the same, in Jesus name.

And in that love, our broken and lonely hearts beating,

Broken and lonely no more, but with His Spirit filled.

Adoring our loving Lord, receiving what He healed.

He has left us peace, His peace alone.

Whenever we call Him, He is on the throne.

Let our pure and holy hearts,

Be no longer fearful or troubled.

Shout praises to Him.  Grace  Grace! Peace! Peace!

And as He has done before, the blessings are doubled.

Joy and health, renewed, restored. Our hope and reward.

And all for glorifying Jesus, resting in our Lord.


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