Communion For Confusion


If you are serious about making changes to your life and health. Communion has been a part of mine for quite a while. I try to take it daily but I sometimes run out of Welch’s grape juice. I don’t think He minds if it’s a coke and a cracker as long as He knows we’re sincere. So much has been made of examining ourselves, before receiving it.  And don’t get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for His sacrifice, but He imparted His righteousness to us at the time of our salvation.  He knew no sin and was made to be sin for us. His sacrifice was complete and He dealt with sin once and for all. He forgave our sins past present and future. He knew who would be repentant and who would not.  Should we confess our sins? Of course.  Should we worry over them, allow them to bring condemnation, or torment us. No!

Take your Communion at church, at mass, or at home.  He has made us kings and priests the Bible says and He is the High Priest of our profession of faith.  Were we worthy? Not in the least. Can we work enough to be worthy? No!  Our righteousness is like a filthy rags. Salvation is a free gift from God, only Jesus could make us worthy, and He did, if we have believed in Him as Lord.

Many sleep who did not rightly divide the word, and discern the body.  Because they didn’t really know Him at all and took it unworthily, maybe not a Christian at all or maybe never realizing the full power of His blood to cleanse of sin, and the brutality of the beating that brought us healing, and the mental anguish that brought us peace.  The Prince of Peace made us worthy.


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