Prince of Peace Prayer


Are you listening Lord? It’s night, I am here.

I feel so lonely sometimes, dejected.

Are you praying daughter? I AM. I hear.

I kneel in a Garden called Gethsemane, despised and rejected.

I know I shouldn’t. so I resist worry and doubt.

I promise you, I will work it out.

It’s just that things aren’t always what I expected.

I tell you, you are loved, you are protected.

I asked for so much from you.

Anything you ask me, I will do.

Heal my body, I am weak.

You will find me, if you seek.

I know you took such pain for me!

Woman, you are loosed, go free!

I don’t feel worthy of your love, my sin.

I gave you righteousness, when you believed me then.

I struggle with fear and doubt, what is my life all about?

My perfect love with cast it out.

I can’t sleep at night, I work so hard, is this a test?

Your work is to labor for my rest.

I know angels watch me, it was your command.

We are beside you, your name is my hand.

Well, Jesus, I feel better  after praying, I really do.

Your Prince of Peace, kisses you goodnight, I love you.


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