The Lonely Places


Our Prince of Peace was surrounded by crowds, disciples, and Pharisees and Sadducees, yet He was alone but for for the Father’s love and the Holy Spirit resting on Him. He went away into the “lonely places”, how lonely He must have been at times, and especially in Gethsemane.  Are we to withdraw and seek His peace in our lonely places? Of course we are. If Jesus had to seek out His Father, to rest and pray so should we. He is our best role model. And while none of us will ever suffer as He did, what a blessing to know that He is our refuge and that sometimes loneliness is just a cry from God wanting to speak to our hearts.  Jesus had to shut Himself away from bickering disciples, quarreling religious leaders and yes, even the sick. As a man, He got tired. As God, He was pure love in action. Divine, dependable, desperate to save humanity after the fall, if only they could have accepted Him as Messiah.  He had to pray, rest, struggle against His humanity. that’s why He understands us so perfectly.  That’s why He can plan our lives, if we can only trust Him.  So when we retreat to our prayer closet, let’s remember His lonely places, He wept over Jerusalem…I know He’s wept for the world. I know, He’s even wept for me. How lonely the Lord must have been with people misunderstanding Him, just like now, His disciples couldn’t even stay awake…how lonely was Gethsemane….


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