The Lonely Places

Our Prince of Peace was surrounded by crowds, disciples, and Pharisees and Sadducees, yet He was alone but for for the Father’s love and the Holy Spirit resting on Him. He went away into the “lonely places”, how lonely He must have been at times, and especially in Gethsemane.  Are we to withdraw and seek His peace in our lonely places? Of course we are. If Jesus had to seek out His Father, to rest and pray so should we. He is our best role model. Jesus often withdrew to the lonely places and prayed. Luke 5:16.

And while none of us will ever suffer as He did, what a blessing to know that He is our refuge and that sometimes loneliness is just a cry from God wanting to speak to our hearts.  Jesus had to shut Himself away from bickering disciples, quarreling religious leaders and yes, even the sick. As a man, He got tired. As God, He was pure love in action. Divine, dependable, desperate to save humanity after the fall, if only they could have accepted Him as Messiah.  He had to pray, rest, struggle against His humanity. that’s why He understands us so perfectly.  That’s why He can plan our lives, if we can only trust Him.  So when we retreat to our prayer closet, let’s remember His lonely places, He wept over Jerusalem…I know He’s wept for the world. I know, He’s even wept for me. How lonely the Lord must have been with people misunderstanding Him, just like now, His disciples couldn’t even stay awake…how lonely was Gethsemane….

A lonely place is just a quiet place or rest and prayer, sleep is good. God wants us to rest, but in the times sleep eludes us and we need to pray instead of walking the floor, we can rest in Him. He can hold us the lonely place of our heart and quiet us with His words. we can receive His peace and answers to prayer.

Loneliness can be a cry from God’s heart to yours, to speak to you His love or it can be yours calling to His, deep to deep. I spend a lot of time in prayer and find myself wanting to talk to people, the same is true of blogging. I enjoy connecting, but it’s not the same as being with you. And then admittedly, when I get frustrated at people for not wanting to hear the wonderful things Jesus has done,  when there is a constant stream of problems, the news and the conversations of others, the reality television, the pop culture, I go back to Jesus.

As believers, Christians are to prefer one another, we simply are not at home in the so called real world because we belong to the kingdom of heaven. We have victory over it because Jesus overcame the world and it’s tribulations, entirely different from the great tribulation of Revelation.

He even told us to be of good cheer. But are we? Really? We should step back from time to time an look at the reality of living in a real world, but being seated in heavenly place. We should be wear smiles and know confidently that He has placed His Holy Spirit within us as our teacher, and He is making us more than a conqueror because of Him who loved us.

Single people can be lonely for marriage, married people can be lonely from the demands of family and parenting. Children are lonely if they only children, sibling rivalry makes them long to be alone, there are people who seclude themselves in fear and depression, and try to isolate and insulate themselves from the world, to keep from facing it from being hurt. Neither of these are good ideas. People were made to give and receive love, especially believers who know a loving Lord. There are people who spend too much time alone. And some people who are desperate for their lonely place. If you know someone like that give them a break, ask how you can help. And the loners that turn into psychopaths? It’s not just he being alone, it is what in their minds and hearts.

Jesus is in the heart of the believer and the mind, He has saved our soul completely but the enemy will attempt to bombard it. Jesus provided us a way of escape. He calls us to rejoice and overcome, and He gives us the gift of His Spirit, who calls us to be quiet and still to listen and receive from the Lord, in a lonely place.

Perhaps, reverent, sacred, holy and even solitary place, might be a better choice of words. Wherever your secret place of the Most High may be, He will meet you there, in a lonely place.

Rebecca Jones / pexels

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