Peace! Be Still!

Peace, be still..You can only have peace and be still in the storms of life...through Him and Him alone!!!:

The disciples were amazed. “Who is this man?” they asked. “Even the winds and waves obey Him!”

Matthew 8:27, New Living Translation  Peace, be still! Shaloam tiyihee besheket. ( It sounds about like its written, in Hebrew there are no vowels.) But it was commanding.  They were on their way to a place that was filled with demonic activity, there were ten pagan cities and the madman in the tombs on the other side of the lake, naturally, the devil didn’t want them to cross. the Bible is full of analogies and metaphors, nothing is there without a reason.  If you take this only spiritually, then the devil has a way in. You can only have His peace and be still in the storms of life…through Him and Him alone!!!  It is so important to be quiet and still for us to receive our answers. Imagine, being in a boat, tossed by waves, at night. The Lord was asleep, yet He was not offended at their question, He saved them. He only asked , ” Where is your faith? ”  Faith has to be exercised to grow, reading the Word is good but we must remember past incidents where He saved us from things. I’ve been through tornadoes, missed car accidents, had three relatives robbed at gunpoint, others healed, I have been healed recently, and too much to name.  ” Where’s my faith? ” It is in my Prince of Peace, was it always so strong? Yes!  But, I didn’t always know that.  And did I struggle with fear and worry, did I run around in circles in the wilderness, yes!  Yes, yes, I did.  We’ve all done it. If He healed you before, He will do it again.  If He supplied a need , He will again. Will He protect you, if you could see all He has saved us from, it would be a shock.  So be encouraged, whether your canoe has sprung a leak or you feel like the Titanic is sinking with you, He’s saying , Peace be still!  He was only bothered by the fact that He was right there and they asked if He cared, much like the statement of Jesus  concerning the resurrection of Lazarus, they knew he would not have died had Jesus been there, they realized He could raise him in the future –but He was standing right there! Certainly, He could raise Lazarus! Certainly, He calms the storms. If even the wind and waves obey Him, so should we. And since He’s seated in the heavenlies, He doesn’t have to sleep, but we can.


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