He Wept For Me

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What a wonderful love to know a Prince of Peace who loves me so,

He wept for me upon a hill, as He gave His life for me, dying.

There were scoffers, mourners and profound sadness,

But for me, freely, of His own will, He was crying.

And yet. joy, gladness.

He prepared a plan for all,

Before the world began,

And had to redeem us from a fall,

Fallen woman and man.

His tears were flowing,

His pained body, seared.

His face, no beauty that we desire Him, marred.

Blood upon His beard.

His feet and palms, scarred.

He wept for me, and His love has kept me inspired.

No beauty? He was and is beautiful. Adored and admired.

The wounded Christ has passed!

The Lamb is now a Lion, at last! A glorious King attired.

No beauty, that He should be desired, left all alone.

No longer, never again, my beautiful Prince of Peace is seated on His throne.

Rebecca Jones  A Daughter’s Gift Of Love


Faith and Worship Christian Weekend

11 thoughts on “He Wept For Me”

  1. The crucifixion saddens me greatly when I think about it and especially when I see movies or images depicting it. What a horrible death. Thanks so much for linking up at our party – #FaithAndWorshipChristianWeekend 8. Shared.


  2. Another beautiful poem. I stand amazed everytime I think that He would have done it all for me, He loves us so. Thanks so much for linking up with us at the #FaithAndWorshipChristianWeekend 8


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